About POGO

A community of kindhearted brands committed to revolutionising the way we give, save and shop. We’re helping brands play their part, encouraging more to get involved and giving everyone that little bit of extra motivation to donate to some truly unbelievable causes.

What is POGO?

POGO is the first charitable fundraising platform powered by purpose driven brands. We believe in incentivised giving, meaning when you donate through POGO, you’ll unlock amazing rewards from your favourite brands.

The idea is simple; make a small donation to a great cause and unlock a huge discount from your favourite brand, that will always save you more than you gave.

Join us on our mission and help us raise millions for amazing causes, all whilst making marketing a little more ethical and fundraising a little more fun.

Our Mission

To make giving to charity a regular habit for the next generation of donors.

It feels good to give and most of us want to be consistent donors, even if it’s just a few pounds a month. By rewarding you for giving, we’re acknowledging that giving to charity is just like any other habit and arming you with everything you need to make this important one stick.

To buy from brands serious about their charitable impact. 

Corporate social responsibility, cause marketing, purpose driven brands… there are so many buzzwords to describe ‘brands doing good’ that it’s not as easy as it should be to get to the bottom of what they’re actually doing.

Do you know which of your favourite brands go above and beyond to support great causes? Neither did we.

By giving to a campaign on POGO and buying from one of our partners, you know you’re supporting a brand who takes their charitable impact seriously and does more than just talk a good game.

A Message From Our Founders