Processing Donations

Hi, we’re POGO Donate. We provide the technology that enables your favourite brands to reward you for giving to good causes.

When you generously decide to make a donation through our technology, your payment has to pass through several steps in order to reach it’s final destination —the cause you’re passionate about supporting. As with any online payment, along this path there are nominal fees incurred to ensure the transaction is secure, efficient, and reaches the charity promptly.

We believe in transparency and want you to understand why these costs exist and what they cover, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable with the process, and can be assured that you know exactly what the charity will receive.

Why Are There Processing Fees?

Processing fees are a standard part of online transactions, not just for donations but for all kinds of digital payments. The processing cost covers:

  • Payment Processing Fees: In order to actually process your donation, we use a third party payment provider called Stripe. Stripe charge 1.5% + £0.20 per transaction.
  • Security and Maintenance: The infrastructure that supports the online donations – website hosting, maintenance and customer service – requires ongoing investment. A portion of the processing cost supports the technology and services we use to keep our donation platform running smoothly.
  • People: As an early stage start-up, we’re a small team with massive dreams. Our goal is to raise hundreds of millions of pounds for good causes by changing the way brands run promotions. To do this, we need fantastic people united behind our ambitious goal.

Our Commitment to Fairness and Transparency

We understand that knowing your donation is making an impact is important to you. That’s why we strive to keep processing fees as low as possible while maintaining the highest standards of security and efficiency.

How You Can Help

When you’re about to make a donation, we’ll show you the processing fee and offer you the choice to cover it. This is entirely optional, but doing so ensures that 100% of your intended donation amount goes directly to the charity. Here’s how it works:

  • If you donate £5: We’ll display the processing cost (£1.20). You can choose to add this fee on top of your donation, resulting in a total charge of £6.20, ensuring the charity receives your full £5 donation.
  • If you prefer not to cover the fee: Your donation of £5 will be subject to the £1.20 processing cost, resulting in the charity receiving £3.80 – which they’re still delighted with!

We want to empower you with the choice, respecting your intentions and preferences in supporting your chosen cause.

An exact breakdown of the Processing Cost: 

On a £5 donation that’s been topped up to £6.20 
  • The platform fee = £1.20
  • Stripe take £0.28 = £0.08 (1.5% of £6.20) + £0.20
  • POGO is left with £0.92 (before tax)
  • Most importantly, the charity receives £5.00
On a £5 donation that hasn’t been topped up
  • The platform fee = £1.20
  • Stripe take £0.28 = £0.08 (1.5% of £5.00) + £0.20
  • POGO is left with £0.92 (before tax)
  • Meaning the charity receives £3.80
What about other currencies?

We follow the same logic however the fees are slightly different.

Stripe charge a higher fee processing non-UK cards, as well as to convert the donation.

Instead of charging 1.5%+£0.20, Stripe charge between 2.5% (EU) to 3.25% (International) + £0.20

Stripe also charge 2% to convert the donating currency in to pounds.

Our Thanks To You 

Your support makes a world of difference to the incredible charities you’ve chosen to support.

Trying to build an eco-system where everyone wins isn’t always easy, but we believe the most important thing is being 100% transparent with you. If you have any more questions about anything related to the Processing Cost – or anything else for that matter! –  please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at and I’ll get right back to you.

Thanks for your support, understanding and incredible donations!


Joe Perl
Founder, POGO Donate

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