How should we use POGO?

Our donation tool is designed for one-off campaigns, as opposed to being an always-on tactic.

There are so many ways our donation tool can be used but here are a few popular ways:

  • Want to take a stand around key events in the calendar year? Pride, International Women’s Day, Black History Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Mental Health Awareness Week…pick a relevant cause, offer a reward and start raising
  • Want to make your next sale more sustainable? Offer your discount but tie it to an environmental charity of your choice
  • Launching a new product and want to do something your customers will remember?
  • Worried constant discounts are de-valuing your brand? Mix up your messaging by running your next promotion while supporting a cause close to your heart.
  • A genuinely impactful Black Friday alternative. You can still drive sales by offering discounts, but this time, raise a few pounds for your favourite causes with every order made.

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