Millenials drove brands to be purposeful.

Gen Z are now demanding proof. Do your customers know which charities your supporting?
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We've absolutely loved working with POGO here at TALA. Not only has the process been perfectly smooth, but it's also been incredible to work with founders who are so passionate about their business, and with a company doing so much good. We can't wait to partner with POGO in the future and cannot recommend the concept enough to other brands! It's the perfect way to reward loyal, caring customers and share your brand values whilst giving back to great causes
Grace Beverley
CEO and Founder, TALA
POGO is such a brilliant concept, tapping into our desire to ‘do good’ and marrying it with the brands young people have affinity with. Working with the team there has been an absolute pleasure and there’s no doubt in my mind we’ll continue to expand our partnership over time – it’s an easy way to connect with our audience while contributing to our wider societal goals.
Ross Farquhar
Marketing Director, Little Moons
Working with, and donating to, charities is really important to allplants. By partnering with POGO they are enabing us to increase our impact, as well as giving customers the opportunity to get involved and learn about the amazing work our charity partners do.
Emma Aitken
Head of Performance Marketing, allplants

How It Works

  • Choose Your Causes
    Select causes that matter to you and the donation amount required to unlock your incentive.
  • Incentivise Donations
    Reward your customers with a great discount, a special offer or an exciting prize as a thank you for donating.
  • Delight Your Customers
    As they save money whilst changing lives.
Become a Partner

Why Partner With POGO?

Raise Donations
It's no longer enough to just talk about social impact. Your customers expect to see it and the brands doing it best, allow their customers to be a part of it. On POGO, you can work with your customers to support causes you both care about. Join the growing community of purpose led brands already raising thousands of pounds for great causes on POGO.
Drive Sales
By connecting the dots between purpose led brands, fantastic causes and conscientious shoppers, we've created an ecosystem where everyone wins. In our first three months, POGO members have spent tens of thousands of pounds with brands they know take their charitable impact seriously.
Happy Customers
We all like saving money and we all love the feeling of helping others. Turn your customers into brand advocates by giving them a uniquely positive experience. Supporting a great cause whilst saving money... what's not to love?
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The case in numbers

88% of customers
Want you to help them make a difference.
94% of Gen Z
Want to buy from brands that take action on societal and environmental issues.
92% of millennials
Would switch to buy from an ethical brand with a clear purpose.
85% of POGO members
Redeem their discount within two weeks of donating.
POGO members spend 44%
More than our partner's ordinary customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why partner with POGO?

POGO gives forward thinking brands an authentic and innovative way of connecting with the next-generation of conscientious shoppers. For us, it’s simple; we know young people seek purpose led brands and we know brands are looking for the most effective way of showcasing their values and interacting with these customers. Think of POGO as the middleman, helping connect you to these socially conscious shoppers whilst raising donations for the causes you care most about.

Does it cost to partner?

No, there’s no cost at all. No sign up fee, zero commission and no hidden costs. We want to see you offer your biggest discounts ever on POGO because the more exciting the incentive, the more money you’ll raise. To show our commitment to the cause we’ve waived all fees to make this happen.

What are the steps to partnering?

  1. Complete the form below or email
  2. Jump on a 15 minute call so we can show you around and you can hit us with your questions.
  3. Complete the 5 minute campaign form; selecting your charities, donation amount and uploading your campaign image.
  4. Attach a CSV file with your unique discount codes.

Can you support a charity not on our list?

Yes! You can either select causes from our list of charity partners or introduce us to your own and we’ll sign them up.

How do we promote your campaign?

From influencer promotions to newsletter features, content creation, paid social and more… we’ll create a bespoke marketing plan for your campaign to promote your offer, raise donations and drive sales. Our most successful campaigns on POGO are those where we’ve worked collaboratively with our partners to highlight their campaigns. If you’re serious about raising donations on POGO, we encourage our partners to include a small donation banner in their mailers, a signpost on your website or share a post on socials to spread the word.

What else should you know about offering discounts on POGO?

POGO is a closed community where only members who have signed up and donated to your campaign can unlock your discount. As such…

  • We only accept best-in-class discounts, not available freely elsewhere. (We accept discounts on a par with other closed community groups)
  • Our mantra is ‘Give a Little. Save a Lot’. Your discount should always outweigh the size of donation required.
  • You can choose to limit your campaign to however many donors you like. For example, a campaign can be accessible to the first 100 donors only, or the first 2,000.
  • We only work with brands serious about their charitable and social impact.

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