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  • 1. Choose your charity

    Browse our charity partners or introduce us to one of your own

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    Incentivise customers to donate with a one-off discount they can’t ignore

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    Let customers unlock your best discount by donating to your chosen charity, our embeddable iframe is just one line of code, and takes under 5 minutes to set up

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We've absolutely loved working with POGO here at TALA. Not only has the process been perfectly smooth, but it's also been incredible to work with founders who are so passionate about their business, and with a company doing so much good. We can't wait to partner with POGO in the future and cannot recommend the concept enough to other brands! It's the perfect way to reward loyal, caring customers and share your brand values whilst giving back to great causes

CEO and Founder, TALA
Grace Beverley
CEO and Founder, TALA
POGO is such a brilliant concept, tapping into our desire to ‘do good’ and marrying it with the brands young people have affinity with. Working with the team there has been an absolute pleasure and there’s no doubt in my mind we’ll continue to expand our partnership over time – it’s an easy way to connect with our audience while contributing to our wider societal goals.
Marketing Director, Little Moons
Ross Farquhar
Marketing Director, Little Moons
Working with, and donating to, charities is really important to allplants. By partnering with POGO they are enabing us to increase our impact, as well as giving customers the opportunity to get involved and learn about the amazing work our charity partners do.
Head of Performance Marketing, allplants
Emma Aitken
Head of Performance Marketing, allplants

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