Frequently Asked Questions

Prize Draw

Suspicious entries

POGO reserves the right to disqualify any individual we find to have attempted to tamper or undermine the entry process for any campaign offered on the platform. If, for any reason, the campaign cannot be run as planned, POGO may, in its sole discretion, void any suspect entries and (a) cancel or terminate the campaign, (b) modify or suspend the campaign to address the impairment and then resume the campaign or (c) award the prize at random from among the eligible, non-suspect entries received.Add New

How do we select winners?

Each prize draw states the end date, number of winners, the prize on offer and the amount of donors who have entered. The winner(s) will be selected through an entirely randomised process after placing all entries (both Donation and Free Entry Method) into an automated random generator. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Winners will be notified by email within 14 days of the specified draw date. No person is a winner, and no person may receive any prize, until they have satisfied all requirements of these Rules. All winners are entitled at their discretion to decline to accept a prize. If the winner does not reply to our email within 7 days to confirm their prize, or in the event the winner is disqualified for any reason, POGO will award the applicable prize to an alternate winner, selected using the same randomised method from all remaining eligible entries. This process will repeat until the Prize is awarded.

When do entries for the draw close?

The close date is stated on the campaign’s card and also found within the campaign’s description. Entries through the Free Entry Method must be received within 24 hours of the draw’s close date.

Conditions for entry

You may only enter prize draws if you are sixteen (16) years of age or older. You may only enter if you are a UK resident. Each entry received via the Free Entry Method will be equivalent to a single entry into the prize draw through the donation method. By entering any campaign, you agree that the creator of that campaign (the brand offering the prizes) may contact you via email. Proof of sending or submission of entry will not be deemed proof of receipt.

Why should I donate to enter?

We believe that fundraising can be exciting and we’ve tried to create a platform to prove it. By promoting incentivised giving and sourcing the most exciting discounts and prizes from the kindest brands around, POGO places giving at it’s core.

Every donation to a Prize Draw allows us to continue supporting our amazing charity partners. Whilst we allow a Free Entry Method for these campaigns, and entry via this route will provide users with the same chance of winning, we believe that most of our community recognise our mission and are here to help support our charity partners – to those donors, we thank you.

How can I enter a Prize Draw?

There are two ways to enter POGO Prize Draws.

1. Donate to enter. Select the ‘Give Now’ button and donate the minimum requirement as determined by the campaign. Once your donation is complete, you will automatically be entered into the draw. You can enter multiple times by donating as many times as you wish. In selecting this route of entry, you’re supporting our amazing charity partners and doing your bit to create a fairer, more altruistic society.

2. Free Entry Method. Entry through this free route offers the same chance of winning as the donation method, however this route does not support our charity partners. To enter, print your full name, address (no post office box addresses accepted), city, post code, date of birth (dd/mm/yyyyy), phone number, email address and which prize draw you wish to enter (for example, Little Moons Giveaway) on either a postcard or letter. Post the completed entry to: POGO Prize Draw, Third Floor, Unit Three. The Exchange. Brent Cross Gardens. London, NW4 3RJ. Limit one entry per outer mailing envelope. Each entry made via the Free Entry Method will automatically be entered into the relevant prize draw. No mechanically reproduced entries are permitted. Illegible entries are void. POGO is not responsible for lost, late, delayed, or inaccurate entries. Entries must be received at least 24 hours before the end date of the Prize Draw. You can enter using the Free Entry Method as many times as you wish and this route is entirely free.

How will you know if you win?

We will always email our winners. If the winner does not reply to our email within 7 days to confirm their prize, or in the event the winner is disqualified for any reason, POGO will award the applicable prize to an alternate winner, selected using the same randomised process from all remaining eligible entries. This process will repeat until the Prize is awarded.


Is POGO a charity?

No, POGO is not a charity, we’re a social enterprise driven by the mission of engaging younger donors with charity. We believe that the most successful business of the future and the business that will stand the test of time will be those that prioritise purpose alongside profits and that’s exactly what we plan to do!

Does POGO take a cut of my donation?

One of our founding principles was to create a platform that sustains itself without taking any part of the donation away from the charity. As such, POGO does not charge any of our partners or users a fee to use the platform, nor take any cut of the donation, meaning as much of your donation goes to the charity as possible. As it stands, we cannot give 100% of your donation to the charity as there is a small payment processing fee deducted by Stripe, the third-party payment provider. For more information, see our Fees and Charges section below. As we grow, we are committed to finding an alternative method to ensure that one day soon POGO is able to send 100% of your donation to your favourite charities.

How does POGO make money?

Our goal is to convince enough users and charities that our marketplace is the future of giving and enough brands that marketing on POGO is the most effective and impactful way of connecting with forward thinking consumers whilst having a positive impact on the world. If we achieve this, there are a number of different ways we’ll be able to generate sustainable revenues, whilst always prioritising raising money for our charity partners and saving you money!

What type of campaigns can you donate to on POGO?

There are two different types of campaigns that a user can donate to on POGO; donate for a discount or donate to enter a prize draw.


Does the brand receive any of my donation?

No, our generous brands are here to incentivise charitable giving. They do not receive any payment or any part of your donation. All of the money you donate on POGO goes to the charities we support (except for the small payment processing fee taken by Stripe).

Why do I need a POGO account?

Creating an account allows you to store and save your rewards for easy access. You can also view your donation history so you can finally keep track of your charitable habits, change your privacy settings and save your details, making it easier and quicker to donate in the future. Creating an account also provides us with all the information we need to get in touch with you if you win any of our Prize Draws.


Each donation supports one of our charity partners and will be directed straight to their Stripe account once donated – as such, we do not provide refunds for donations.

Can I claim gift aid on my donation?

Unfortunately, Gift Aid is not available to POGO donors as donations made in return for incentives do not qualify

How much do I have to donate to earn a reward?

Every campaign is unique and offers a different sized discount. As a result, the donation amount varies from campaign to campaign, normally ranging from £1 – £5.

POGO champions the idea of ‘give a little, save a lot’ meaning we work with our brand partners to always try to save you more than you donate. It’s not an exact science but the vast majority of the time, you’ll be asked to donate a few pounds in exchange for a massive discount that will save you much more!


Is there a fee to join?

No, POGO is 100% free to use for our charity partners and we intend to keep it that way. We also don’t take a cut of the donation and are working our hardest to reduce the Payment Processing Fee charged by Stripe, so that eventually 100% of the donation will be directed to charity.

Can my charity sign up?

Yes, we are always looking to add worthwhile causes to our community! Get in touch by emailing

Which charities will my donation support?

The brand creating the campaign chooses which charities their discount supports. You can see this on the campaign card. To see how your donation is split between the charities, check out the campaign description.

Who are POGO’s charity partners?

You can see all our amazing charity partners on ‘Our Charities’ page. Click on their logo to find out about the wonderful work they do.

Every charity featured on POGO has been registered with the UK Charities Commission. Their charity registration numbers can be found within their charity profiles.

Fees and Charges

How much do Stripe charge to process my donation?

Stripe calculates their fee by taking 1.4% of the donation amount + £0.20 per transaction. If the payment card is non-European then the charge is 2.9% of the donation + £0.20.

Does 100% of my donation go to charity?

POGO does not charge users or charities a fee of any sort, however in order to process your payment, POGO outsources this service to Stripe who charge a small fee on your donation. For more information, see our Fees and Charges section below.

Does 100% of my donation go to charity?

Whilst we wish we could say yes, unfortunately for the time being, there is a small processing fee charged on each donation. This is not a POGO fee, it is a Stripe fee. Stripe are a third-party payment provider who facilitate the transaction.

Does POGO charge a platform fee?

No, currently POGO does not charge brands, charities or donors a fee to use the platform. We do not take a platform fee nor do we take any part of your donation.