How our Fees Work

As an early stage start-up, we’re a small team with massive dreams. Our mission is to raise millions of pounds for good causes. 🫶

To make this possible we need a sustainable and viable business model. This is a fancy way of saying, we need to make enough to cover our costs and to continue growing.

As such, we charge a small platform fee on each donation made.

The Platform Fee = POGO’s  Fee + Stripe’s Fee 

  • POGO’s platform fee is 10% on each donation
  • Stripe is a 3rd party payment processor. They charge 1.4% of the donation + £0.20 per donation

On a £3 donation…

  • POGO take £0.30
  • Stripe take £0.04 (1.4%) + £0.20 = £0.24
  • Meaning, £2.46 goes to the charity

On a £5 donation…

  • POGO takes £0.50
  • Stripe take £0.07 (1.4%) + £0.20 = £0.27
  • Meaning, £4.23 goes to the charity




POGO discounts are designed to always save you significantly more than you donate. Exactly how much you donate and save, we wanted to leave to you.

Just before making your donation, you can choose to top your donation up to cover POGO and Stripe’s Platform Fee.

How does this work?

Taking the £3 donation example above…

  • you can choose to simply donate £3, happy that £2.46 goes to charity;
  • or, you could add an extra £0.54 to your donation = giving £3.54 , so that £3 goes to the charity

For those eagle eyed mathematicians out there, if you choose to top your donation up, POGO will only ever take 10% of the original donation amount (and then will reconcile the additional £0.01 that is lost from the additional stripe fee)

On a £3 donation that has been ‘topped up’ to £3.54…

  • POGO takes £0.30 (10% of the original amount)
  • Stripe now take £0.05 (1.4% of £3.54) + £0.20
  • meaning the charity receives £2.99, which we then top up to the original £3.00


We know most donors understand that for POGO to help charities raise money and customers save money, we need to charge a small platform fee to operate. We believe the most important bit is being 100% transparent.

If you have any more questions about anything fees related, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at and we’ll get right back to you.